2022 Met Gala- Gilded Glamour

The 2022 Met Gala took place on May 2nd at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the highly anticipated theme of Gilded Glamour. The Gilded Age was from 1870 to 1900 and at the time the fashion was incredibly important to society. Rich jewel tone gowns, corsets, feathers, and hats were just some of the styles designers incorporated into the looks at the time. Hundreds of celebrities attended the Met this past week, and while some embodied the Gilded Age, others missed the mark. 

Emma Chamberlain is one of the most up and coming celebrities, quickly becoming one of the most influential fashion influencers of this generation. Emma is wearing Louis Vuitton and this look perfectly embodies a modernized version of the Gibson Girl look that was incredibly popular throughout the 1890s. 

Blake Lively never disappoints when it comes to dressing on theme for the Met Gala. This year she wore Donatella Versace. She walked the red carpet in a gold shimmered dress and had the crowd applauding the whole way. She paused for a moment as three men helped unravel her gown, into the second part of the dress. The crowd's applauds got louder as she revealed the whole dress. Blake Lively was dressed as the Statue of liberty, which was originally a copper color but with time turned green. Lively nailed this look with Donatellas Versace's impeccable design.

It is no secret that menswear sported at the Met Gala oftentimes lacks when it comes to creativity and executing the theme. However this year, Shawn Mendes wearing Tommy Hilfiger did not disappoint the crowd. With the high neck shirt style and wide breasted jacket, Mendes did an excellent job at modernizing Gilded Age menswear for this look. 

Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn Monroes Iconic dress that wore while she sang happy birthday to President John. F. Kennedy. This was a museum piece that she rented out to wear at the Met Gala. As for being on theme, critics were not impressed. This was a controversial look for Kim because of how spectators reacted. People argued that Marilyn should have been the last person to ever wear the dress, and that it should not have been brought out again. The dress was from the 1960's which was not the "gilded glamour" time period.

Kylie Jenner's idea was there, but as for theme, it did not fit. Kylie Jenner wanted to honor her late friend and popular designer Virgil Abloh. She said in a video "I am only going to the met gala if I can honor Virgil", and that is exactly what she did. This was one of the many looks Virgil created. The backwards hat is what had critics jumping. The hat did not have any correlation to this Met Gala's theme. In all, the idea behind it was a beautiful way to honor her friend, but many were critical of her blatant disregard for the Met Gala theme. 

Leave us a comment and tell us your favorite and least favorite Met Gala looks! We hope you enjoyed this crazy moment in fashion just as much as we did. 

- The Elle G Team 

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