Date Night

Layering, the color black & shredded jeans! Oh, and choker necklaces :)  I went out with my husband for date night last night and this is what I wore.  Earlier in the day I wore a grey (last season-elle G) chill tank and yoga pants.  Nothing exciting so I wanted to have some fun with my outfit for dinner.  The best outfits come to me when I have minimal time to prepare.  The temperature was cooling off so I figured it be best to wear pants.  The black blouse was sheer so it was very lightweight.  The vest is very light as well, more of a decoration piece.  

The jeans were just the right fit for this layering project.  Not too loose and not too tight.  If I had paired the tops with tight jeans the outfit would have had a completely different feel.  It would have been slightly edgier than what I was going for.  The black sheer blouse had a long hem on the back.  This made for a perfect pairing with the vest over it.  The top and the vest were both black but different materials and different lengths showcasing the layering aspect.  This outfit had a menswear/borrowed from your boyfriends closet feel.  To keep it edgy, masculine and girly all at the same time I did not wear a tank top under the sheer blouse.  Instead I wore a pretty lace bralette over my bra.  It was noticeable but not in your face.  The vest has satin lapels which spiced up the outfit a tad.  I chose the black wedges for the pure fact that they are so chunky.  Something strappy and delicate would have added to much "prettiness" to the outfit.  I kept the jewelry simple with a small silver chain and a silver choker to match the studs on the blouse.  Hope you enjoyed it!


Blouse-Last season elle G

Vest-elle G--One left!!

Jeans-elle G-a few sizes left 

Choker necklaces-elle G

Shoes-old (Journey's)


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