Appropriate Wedding Attire

Ok, so you are attending a wedding am I!  I have had a lot of people recently ask what is appropriate attire for the change of season.  Is it ok to wear sleeveless still?  Is it ok to wear navy?  Is it ok to wear black? (got this one three times in one week!) My answer is YES to all of these questions!  Sleeveless is most definitely acceptable-even in the winter.  Navy is a great color for every season.  Navy is actually one of those colors that lives in every season and looks great on everyone!  Navy is becoming a go-to color for bridesmaid dresses as well. is always a good idea if you ask me.  Black always looks good.  It is a classic, timeless color.  Black dresses are sliming and elegant.  You can't go wrong with black.  Rompers and jumpsuits have also been really popular for the fashionable wedding attendee.  


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