-URI Style Guide-

-URI Style Guide-

Whether you’re a freshman or have been at URI for the past 4 years we all face the same struggle of not knowing what to where when we go out. Questions like is this too casual? Am I too dressed up? UGH! WHAT DO I WEAR? cross our minds about a thousand times while getting ready. No need to fear because Elle G has got you covered on what to wear whether you're going to Bonvue, The Wheelhouse, Chucks (Charlie O’s), The Mews, or a house party!


   Thursday nights naturally means that Bonvue aka Bon Zoo is the move. Besides the great music and cheap drinks the best thing about Bonvue is that it’s totally acceptable to get dressed up!

-Charlie O’s-

 If it’s a Friday night and you’re not going to a house party chances are you’re waiting in a massive line to get into Charlie O’s (Chucks). Getting dressed up for Chucks can be a bit tricky, do you dress up or since it’s a local bar do you keep it casual? It’s SO tough. But we at Elle G say you should mix it up!

-The Mews Tavern-

 If you’re feeling like having a chill night and some drinks you will most likely find yourself at the Mews. The vibe here is very laid back so a casual look is the way to go!

-House Party-

  If you can’t legally drink then chances are you can be found at a house party on the weekends. House parties can be a bit difficult to dress for if you’re not sure of the vibe of the party. My rule with dressing for house parties is, do what you want. If you want to dress down, do it. If you want to get super dressed up do it, but you have to wear your outfit with confident especially if it turns out that you are over dressed.

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