All Dressed Up November 17 2015, 0 Comments

All Dressed Up
Formal season is soon to be upon us here at URI, which means that you are most likely on the hunt for the perfect formal I right? We all know how stressful looking for a dress can be so why not save your self the headache and melodramatic break down of ordering a dress online and not knowing whether or not it'll fit.
Elle G is currently stocking up on all the hottest dresses of the season just for you!
Shop Elle G: 3 Olives Dress, $45
I mean how could you not obsessed with this dress? It is AMAZING and the perfect trendy fall dress
Shop Elle G: Black Bead Dress, $48
This Ponte dress was made to slay and feels and looks great on!
Shop Elle G: Flower Bomb Dress, $63
What's better than a two piece?Oh yeah dress that looks like a two-piece without taking 15 mins to get on!
Shop Elle G: Saturday Night Dress, $56
I mean come on, how cute is the back of this midi dress?!