Claw Clips Fa Daysssss

Bringin’ the 90’s back! What goes around comes around and claw clips are comin’ around now! Your mom’s favorite clip from 1994 that she still wears will finally be in style again! Team Elle g is loving on claw clips so much that we named each of our styles after each of our employees! We now carry clips named Lauren, Celeste, Bria, Emily, Maddie, Olivia, Camille, Lindsay, Cris, and Talia! How cute! 

Olivia Claw Clip

Lauren Claw Clip

Celeste Claw Clip


Claw clips are a staple to our girls on the go. It is so easy to throw your hair up on a whim with any one of our claw clips. Each one varies in size, shape, and color to cater to each customers’ needs! Shop them in-store and online now! 

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