Graduation 2018

Congratulations Class of 2018! You made it through four years of hard work and now it’s time to celebrate. Graduation is one of the first steps to your life after college. Even though you’ll be wearing a long robe, you’ll still need a cute dress to wear underneath. Below, you can see the many styles we have that you can wear at graduation.
Traditionally, girls wear white dresses for a graduation. If you enjoy this tradition and are looking for white dresses, you’ve come to the right place! The first white dress has a sweetheart neckline and buttons tracing down the middle of the dress. This dress is simple yet very flattering. Next, this white dress with blue, coral, and black floral details is a whimsical take on the classic white graduation dress. It has a square, high-neckline and low-cut back that will have you feeling cool in the heat. The last dress featured is bright white with a tie on the side. This dress has a ruffled wrap feature that makes it very feminine.
(Dresses and necklaces in-store)
Even though the tradition is to wear white for graduation, you can wear colors and patterns if you prefer! Try for a colorful graduation look with these three chiffon dresses. The aqua blue dress and hot pink dress are great choices for a spring graduation. They both have tie wrap details to make the dresses fitting yet flowy. You can for a darker, more conservative look with this navy shift dress. The keyhole halter neckline makes gives a flirty feel to a modest dress.
(Dresses and necklaces in-store)
Be bold and original with big patterns for graduation. This cobalt blue dress features a floral and leaf pattern that will have you feeling tropical and ready for summer. The next look is a mauve, short-sleeved dress with multicolor florals. This dress is a unique choice for a graduation because of its short sleeves, tie front, and keyhole by the waistline. Lastly, this lilac shift dress is the perfect combination of bold and subtle. The pattern is large and vibrant while the color and style are very delicate.
(Dresses and necklaces in-store)
To finish your graduation look, you’re gonna need the right pair of shoes. We have a great selection of sandals and heels to fit your preferences. 
(Blush heels and sandals in-store)
Whatever your style is, we have the right dress for you. Come on in or shop online to see the many other dresses we have!

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