How To: Style Layered Jewelry

How can you elevate your spring wardrobe without buying new clothing? Easy. Layered jewelry. 

Team Elle G loves gold jewelry or layering gold and silver together. Gold jewelry is more expensive looking and trendier than silver is on its own. Layering gold jewelry has been a major trend over the past two years but this spring it’s really going to take off. If you want to take your looks from basic to fashion forward, follow these tips and tricks.

Elle G offers so many jewelry options. We’re talking gold chains, pendant necklaces, bracelets, hoops, and rings. You could try mixing in a few silver items as well. For starters, pick a few necklaces that are different lengths so you can layer them. You can also try different textures. Try a few thick chain necklaces mixed with thinner chains. Have fun mixing it up. Don't forget to pick up a few bracelets and one of our many pairs of hoops. 

Our Night Sky necklace does the layering for you!

Try this stack started by our Baby Chain, one in gold and one in silver.                                   
Our favorite hoops, The Gold Sterling Silver Earring and The Silver Medium Hoop are perfect pieces to add to you jewelry collection!                                                      


Once you've made your purchases, it’s time to style it. This is the fun part. Put on your favorite basic, effortless outfit. Whether it’s jeans, sweats, or a dress, your new jewels will elevate the look in seconds. 

After you’re dressed, start putting on your new pieces. Start with layering a few bracelets on your wrist. Then layer your necklaces. First, put on the shortest necklace, then the second shortest, and so on until they’re all on. Top it off with a new pair of chunky gold hoops and a few rings on your fingers. 

No one has ever looked bad in layered jewelry. Take your spring 2021 wardrobe from boring to exciting with these quick and easy steps.

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