Nancy Drew Detects a Shoe Trend

You have most likely seen loafers everywhere last fall. Well, 2017 is no expectation. Loafers could possibly be the most famous shoe trend since the UGG boot. This trend has lasted so long you might even considered it a staple in your closet. Why? Loafers can be worn every single day of the week, with a different outfit for a different occasion. If your closet consists of dresses and skirts or distressed jeans and pants, everyone can enjoy the trend.

At first the plain black Gucci slip ones seemed like the only existing loafer, but now you can find the shoe in every color, texture and pattern possible. It’s a bonus you will not suffer blisters with this backless shoe. Some people may view them as shoes your grandma would wear but they are truly lavish flats. Loafers have been around for decades and will continue to be on the market for many to come, it’s a classic.

Work: If you continue to wear your painful heels to work and buy endless amounts band aids, you need to grab a pair of loafers



School: Throwing on an oversized sweater and jeans or leggings is usually the normal for an early class time. You can instantly make your outfit drab to fab when pairing it with black loafers.



Daily life: The no back loafers makes it easy to slip on when running out of the house. 



Dress it up: You can dress up loafers if you consider your style to be bohemian, girly or anywhere in-between.

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