Next Stop: Nail Salon

During 2020 we all had to get creative and find new ways to entertain ourselves. One trend everyone started to hop on is fun, colorful nails. If we’re being honest, we’re kind of obsessed. Team Elle G is taking soaking in fun, trendy nail art well into 2021. Here are some of our favorite nail styles paired with a matching Elle G fit!

These mint green tips with a twist are Elle G Owner’s, Lauren Young, personal favorite. Our Mint Chocolate Cutout Romper and Del Mar Sandals match this nail style to a T. Simplistic yet creative, just the way we like it. 

Next up are these lava lamp-esc blue nails. We have plenty of tie-dye but this In Your Dreams Set is almost a replica of this nail art. Plus, this set might be the comfiest thing we have in store.

You really thought we would last a whole blog without throwing sage green in here!? These multicolored nails feature dark green, sage green, and browns, talk about a dream color palette! Paring our Down To Business Jacket, Don’t Rush Me Top and Over It Pant with our White Knight Booties you got the whole color palette covered!

Last but certainly not least, these super cool nails bring a pop of color and a pop of pattern, just like our Leopard Balloon Sweater does! I mean come on, you can get much closer to twins than these nails and sweater.

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