We all know how the New England weather can be and it’s getting cold outside! Whether your just bundling up to brave the cold or going out for an occasion, we have so many choices to fit whatever your style and event may be. With thanksgiving and the holidays just around the corner, outerwear can also make the perfect gift for a friend or even treating yourself;)
The first jacket on the left is a super soft grey cardigan/jacket. It’s the perfect weight for a chilly fall night but can also be paired with a sweater underneath or a jacket to pull over it. The middle jacket, resembles a puffer jacket without the excessive fluff. It’s checkered pattern makes it super cute and unique to wear with any outfit. It is also lined with cotton on the inside to give some extra installation for those extra cold days. The last sweater on the right is a cream/grey colored pullover cardigan with a very similar cut like the jacket on the left. This open-front sweater is the perfect weight for a cold winter night and also has pockets on either side.
As pictured, you can pair these options with a scarf and a hat, but with all these options having high necklines, a scarf is not necessary. As we enter November, these are just some of our many options for your perfect everyday-wear jackets!

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