Guide to Wearing Embroidery April 21 2017, 0 Comments

Wearing items with embroidery can add some interest to your outfit this season. Wondering how to embrace this trend? We got you covered! Here are a couple of our newest embroidered items and how to wear them.

Featured Item: elle G's Field of Flowers Denim Shorts $50

Here at elle G these shorts are seasonal staple. There are no limits when it comes to your personal style and preference, following are some of our top choices to pair with these shorts:

Charcoal Bodysuit $35

elle G Charcoal Bodysuit  $35

Twist and Turn Top $37

Don't Cross Me Top $38

Denim Blue Front Top $32


Basic Dusty Rose Tank $33


Featured Item:  elle G's Katalina Embroidered Leather Moto Jacket $110

This jacket is the new CRAVE. We are obsessed with the embroidery and sleeve detail. Here is how we like to wear it:
Denim Blue Front Top + Shredded Denim (In-Store $60)

Two Piece Pastel Pink Pantsuit (In-Store)


Mauve's Mauve Top $35



Tango With Me Top $46

Olive Muscle Tank $35


xoxo -Haley Tine

White hot jacket! April 21 2015, 0 Comments

I am a jacket lover...I probably have 25 jackets!  A mix of winter performance, lightweight army, faux fur and of course the leather jacket.  Jackets complete the outfit.  They are the frosting to the cake.  I came across this particular white jacket at the past trade show I attended.  The company is Frnch (no E), a new vendor for the store.  Their stuff is stunning!  This jacket has all of the key elements.  First off the color.  Now that we are in spring it is time to trade in the black clothing for white clothing.  This jacket is fresh white with a subtle texture to it.  Almost like a really expensive couch.  The zippers are the perfect hue of gold.  Not too bright and not too dull.  The zippers are not overstated or understated but the perfect size to accent the crisp white.  The jacket is structured but has just enough fluidity to it that your not stiff while wearing it.  It is fully lined and does not weigh you down when wearing it.  No collar.  Just clean and simple.  Ultimate perfection in a white top coat.  A jacket like this give you power, makes you feel confident.  The clean lines act as your sophisticated partner in crime.