Happy Shoesday! October 13 2015, 0 Comments


                  - Happy Shoesday-



Getting new arrivals is our favorite part of the week! We are currently freaking out over our new Elle G lace-up pumps.These pumps are the perfect way to effortlessly edge up any outfit. Whether you’re pairing them with a Bodycon dress or with a plain tee shirt and boyfriend jeans these pumps will make any outfit amazinggg!
Stop by Elle G today and see why we are so in love with these pumps!

-URI Style Guide- October 08 2015, 0 Comments

-URI Style Guide-

Whether you’re a freshman or have been at URI for the past 4 years we all face the same struggle of not knowing what to where when we go out. Questions like is this too casual? Am I too dressed up? UGH! WHAT DO I WEAR? cross our minds about a thousand times while getting ready. No need to fear because Elle G has got you covered on what to wear whether you're going to Bonvue, The Wheelhouse, Chucks (Charlie O’s), The Mews, or a house party!


   Thursday nights naturally means that Bonvue aka Bon Zoo is the move. Besides the great music and cheap drinks the best thing about Bonvue is that it’s totally acceptable to get dressed up!

-Charlie O’s-

 If it’s a Friday night and you’re not going to a house party chances are you’re waiting in a massive line to get into Charlie O’s (Chucks). Getting dressed up for Chucks can be a bit tricky, do you dress up or since it’s a local bar do you keep it casual? It’s SO tough. But we at Elle G say you should mix it up!

-The Mews Tavern-

 If you’re feeling like having a chill night and some drinks you will most likely find yourself at the Mews. The vibe here is very laid back so a casual look is the way to go!

-House Party-

  If you can’t legally drink then chances are you can be found at a house party on the weekends. House parties can be a bit difficult to dress for if you’re not sure of the vibe of the party. My rule with dressing for house parties is, do what you want. If you want to dress down, do it. If you want to get super dressed up do it, but you have to wear your outfit with confident especially if it turns out that you are over dressed.

Fall Trend Report: Fall Colors October 06 2015, 0 Comments

Fall Trend Report: Fall Colors


     Now that fall is here it's only a matter of time before for the leaves start to change to the beautiful red, brown, and orange colors that we all love. Not only do the colors of the leaves changes during fall, but so do the colors in our clothing. When it comes to fashion colors trends, Pantone is considered the color bible.



 Here are some of our favorites Fall 2015 Pantone Fashion Colors….




Shop Elle G....
Olive Jumpsuit, $36 Olive Fur Vest, $60


Shop Elle G...
Beckett’s Cross, $39
        Shop Elle G...
Burgundy Jumpsuit, $50 & Burgundy Skater Skirt, $36

Things We Love: Rompers & Jumpsuits September 30 2015, 0 Comments

Things We Love: Rompers & Jumpsuits
They say the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem, and we here at Elle G are fully admitting that we are addicted to rompers and jumpsuits. We can’t be the only ones, right?! Now that fall is here rompers/jumpsuits especially ones that are long sleeve make for the perfect transition piece. Rock your favorite romper with a cute pair of booties during the day or with some fierce heels for an amazing night out outfit. In our opinion you can’t go wrong with a romper or jumpsuit!


Here are some of our favorite Elle G pieces……



Shop Elle G: You’re Making Me Blush Romper, $45



Shop Elle G: Grey Matter Romper, $40



Shop Elle G: The Midnight Jumpsuit, $56

Fall In Love With Vests September 23 2015, 0 Comments

Happy First Day of Fall Everyone!
What’s not to love about fall? You have pumpkin spiced lattes, cool brisk air (bye-bye humidity), apple pie, football, but most importantly fall fashion!! One trend that we are loving here at Elle G are vests. Vests are the perfect piece to help you transition from summer to fall fashion. Whether it’s a leather vest, faux fur vest, or a duster vest, find them all here at Elle G!
Love vests but sure know how to style them? Elle G has got you covered!

-Edge Up Any Outfit With a Motorcycle Vest-

 How to style it: Rock this leather vest with a plain white tee and black jeans for an edgy look. Throw on a flannel or wrap it around your waist for the ultimate trendy look. Pair this outfit with some classic Adidas or combat boots and you’re good to go!
Shop Elle G:
Black Moto Vest: $68
Green Flannel: $42
White T-Shirt: $28
Black Jeans: $60

-Go Day to Night With a Faux Fur Vest-

 How to style it: Pair this faux fur vest with a jewel toned colored long sleeve shirt, dark skinny jeans, and a long necklace for an effortlessly chic look. Easily turn this day look into a going out outfit by pairing it with some pointed toe pumps and a cute clutch.
Shop Elle G
Faux Fur Vest: $75
Burgundy Long-sleeved Shirt: $39
Long Gold Necklace: $35

-Stay On Trend With a Duster Vest-

 How to style it: Pair this black duster vest with a plain tee shirt and black jeans for a classic look. Add a statement necklace and some booties or lace up heels for a night out outfit made for a fashionista.
Shop Elle G:
Black Duster Vest: $74
Nude Side Slit T-Shirt: $39
Gold Statement Necklace: $55

Appropriate Wedding Attire September 15 2015, 0 Comments

Ok, so you are attending a wedding am I!  I have had a lot of people recently ask what is appropriate attire for the change of season.  Is it ok to wear sleeveless still?  Is it ok to wear navy?  Is it ok to wear black? (got this one three times in one week!) My answer is YES to all of these questions!  Sleeveless is most definitely acceptable-even in the winter.  Navy is a great color for every season.  Navy is actually one of those colors that lives in every season and looks great on everyone!  Navy is becoming a go-to color for bridesmaid dresses as well. is always a good idea if you ask me.  Black always looks good.  It is a classic, timeless color.  Black dresses are sliming and elegant.  You can't go wrong with black.  Rompers and jumpsuits have also been really popular for the fashionable wedding attendee.  


New Store Location! July 30 2015, 0 Comments

Whoop whoop!! New store coming atcha!! We officially get the keys August 1st for our second store in Wakefield, RI!  We are VERY excited about this second location.  Not only is Wakefield a very fun, young & hip town but it was recently said to be the "up & coming town"!  We will be located at 330 Main St-right across from Fat Belly's.  From Wickford to Wakefield--lets see how many times I can mess that up lol!  We are very excited to have the Main St feel again.  The new store will be more mainstream merchandise where as our URI location is geared towards the college girl.  Wakefield will be filled with gorgeous blouses, stunning jewelry and rich handbags.  And yes we will have our couch from Wickford!  We hope to be open by the first weekend in August! Stay tuned on social media @shopelleg for behind the scenes and our opening date! :)

Our last day at the URI location will be Friday 7/31 until classes go back in session in September! 

Best of Rhode Island Party! July 25 2015, 0 Comments

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who voted for us for Best of Rhode Island!!! We are so honored to be your FAVORITE Locally Owned Women's Boutique in South County!! 


Date Night May 13 2015, 0 Comments

Layering, the color black & shredded jeans! Oh, and choker necklaces :)  I went out with my husband for date night last night and this is what I wore.  Earlier in the day I wore a grey (last season-elle G) chill tank and yoga pants.  Nothing exciting so I wanted to have some fun with my outfit for dinner.  The best outfits come to me when I have minimal time to prepare.  The temperature was cooling off so I figured it be best to wear pants.  The black blouse was sheer so it was very lightweight.  The vest is very light as well, more of a decoration piece.  

The jeans were just the right fit for this layering project.  Not too loose and not too tight.  If I had paired the tops with tight jeans the outfit would have had a completely different feel.  It would have been slightly edgier than what I was going for.  The black sheer blouse had a long hem on the back.  This made for a perfect pairing with the vest over it.  The top and the vest were both black but different materials and different lengths showcasing the layering aspect.  This outfit had a menswear/borrowed from your boyfriends closet feel.  To keep it edgy, masculine and girly all at the same time I did not wear a tank top under the sheer blouse.  Instead I wore a pretty lace bralette over my bra.  It was noticeable but not in your face.  The vest has satin lapels which spiced up the outfit a tad.  I chose the black wedges for the pure fact that they are so chunky.  Something strappy and delicate would have added to much "prettiness" to the outfit.  I kept the jewelry simple with a small silver chain and a silver choker to match the studs on the blouse.  Hope you enjoyed it!


Blouse-Last season elle G

Vest-elle G--One left!!

Jeans-elle G-a few sizes left 

Choker necklaces-elle G

Shoes-old (Journey's)


It's a maxi life May 12 2015, 0 Comments

Maxi dresses are as easy as 1,2,3!  Instead of creating an outfit with a bottom and a top a maxi dress is one piece.  Traveling is a great time to wear a maxi dress.  It gives you the full coverage you need to stay warm and the ease of tying it up when you got hot.  Throw a comfy top or jacket to cover your shoulders if you are traveling early before the sun comes up (hopefully you are going somewhere warm!).  The loose fit ensures comfort.  You can easily criss cross your legs or put them in pretzel style.

URI Alumni Article April 28 2015, 0 Comments

Thank you very much to Kelsey Quinn who posted a fantastic article about elle G on the University of Rhode Island Alumni page! 

Bringing the latest trends from runway to Rhody

Some kids are surrounded by toys during childhood. Lauren Young ’10 was surrounded by shoes. “That’s how I was born I guess,” she says.

She credits her father with inspiring her to work in the fashion industry. He’d always tell her stories about the footwear trade shows he went to. “I was kind of always around fashion,” she says, “there were always samples around my house.”

So it makes sense then that in 2013, Young opened her first shop, elle G Boutique(named after her initials “LG” when she was unmarried). Two years after opening her boutique in Wickford, she moved into a space at the top of URI’s Kingston campus, and has been seeing success ever since.

Elle G’s tidy appearance gives way to a wide range of styles. Young walks breezily around the tables and racks, pulling out dresses and rompers, skirts and shirts. “We have a pretty good mix in here, like girly fashions,” flashing a yellow floral dress, “or more edgy, different, on trend things,” she says, holding up a one shouldered, long black jumper.

Her leather peplums, gold glitter rompers and neon summer dresses are enough to make any girl go gaga (and what’s better – everything’s under $100). “You can’t only buy for one customer because it’s not going to please everybody. Getting a good mix is probably the key,” Young says.

Buying for a boutique can be hard when there are so many cute things out there. Young says she looks at price point, color and style when shopping. But she mostly uses her style six sense. “I kind of just get a feeling if I like it a lot,” she says.

Young learned the tricks of the trade both in class and in the real world. She did a semester in NYC through URI where she says she learned the essentials of the business. “I learned a lot about the industry and professionals and took an entrepreneurship class and we went to a trade show,” she said.

She tells a story of how her friend’s mom owned a handbag shop back in New Jersey. They’d call her up to place orders, not knowing then, but getting a crash course for her future as a boutique owner.

Then senior year she learned the nitty gritty of the fabrics she was working with – the wefts and the weaves and how fabrics react. “I learned how to burn the fabrics, how to dye them, how they wash. That definitely helps a lot now. People are always like ‘is this going to shrink?’ and I’ll just take a look really quick,” Young says.

She shares this passion for everything fashion with her customers and the community, giving back and helping the next generation break into the business. Right now she has three interns (two Textile, Merchandising and Design students and one Communication Studies student) and already has two lined up for next year. “It’s good, they get a lot of hands on experience,” she says as she and her current intern tie a knot in the slouchy grey tank on a nearby mannequin.

On May 1st, Young will be dressing 4-5 models in trends from elle G for URI’s Fashion Merchandising Society’s "Around the World"spring fashion show. She’ll also have a booth set up to sell some spring and summer styles. So what’s on trend? Rompers and jumpsuits, gingham and florals – “it’s crazy, everyone wants them,” she says. We say the same about everything in her shop.


– Kelsey Quinn


White hot jacket! April 21 2015, 0 Comments

I am a jacket lover...I probably have 25 jackets!  A mix of winter performance, lightweight army, faux fur and of course the leather jacket.  Jackets complete the outfit.  They are the frosting to the cake.  I came across this particular white jacket at the past trade show I attended.  The company is Frnch (no E), a new vendor for the store.  Their stuff is stunning!  This jacket has all of the key elements.  First off the color.  Now that we are in spring it is time to trade in the black clothing for white clothing.  This jacket is fresh white with a subtle texture to it.  Almost like a really expensive couch.  The zippers are the perfect hue of gold.  Not too bright and not too dull.  The zippers are not overstated or understated but the perfect size to accent the crisp white.  The jacket is structured but has just enough fluidity to it that your not stiff while wearing it.  It is fully lined and does not weigh you down when wearing it.  No collar.  Just clean and simple.  Ultimate perfection in a white top coat.  A jacket like this give you power, makes you feel confident.  The clean lines act as your sophisticated partner in crime.


Best Of Rhode Island April 03 2015, 0 Comments

Best Of RI voting time is here and we would love to have your vote!

Have you been happy with your purchase and customer service at elle G? 

We work hard to bring you the best products and services available so please take a moment to vote for us.  Thank you!

Click here to vote! 

Yacht Party March 10 2015, 0 Comments

 You have been invited to attend a yacht party...something you've only seen on tv!  This is the perfect dress to wear!  A beautiful white fitted dress which looks very sophisticated in the front but has a killer back!  Turn around and your back is tan lines please ;)  Keep it simple with the accessories-the dress is a statement on its own.  A classic quilted bag and drop neutral earring will do the trick.  Go ahead...still the show!


Spring Break! March 09 2015, 0 Comments

Spring Break is so close you can almost taste the Pina Coladas! We have picked the best "must have" pieces for your trip! This first look is great to travel in.  Maxi's are a simple and comfortable way to travel in style.  A medium sized purse always comes in handy when traveling.  Throw your ipad, tickets and snacks all in the bag.  The dress is patterned so not too many accessories are needed, this cuff bracelet is perfect! And last but not least...your sunnies!  Baywood sunglass are great for any sunny occasion but the fact that they float means you will never lose them in the ocean!  Safe travels :) 

Bringing Sexy Back February 17 2015, 0 Comments

It's all about the BACK!  The open back trend is a fun and flirty way to wear a top.  Wear it open or pair it with a neutral tank underneath.  Lace bra's add a hint of flintiness to the top. If you have not already tried this trend give it a shot!

CONTEST TIME!! February 11 2015, 0 Comments

Contest time!


We are running a styling contest for the month of February.   The rules are as follows:

Can be any item purchased at elle G—necklace, bracelet, top, dress…we just want to see how you style it!

--winner gets a $25 gift card

--featured on our social media

--featured on our website


how to enter: a photo on social media and TAG US




2. AND use hashtag “ellegcontest”

post as many times as you like-you can even enter the same products styled differently

*at the end of the month we will announce a winner!!

-entries accepted until Friday Feb 27th..good luck!

We are MOVING January 16 2015, 0 Comments

T minus 3 days! Our Wickford location will be closing on Sunday January 18, 2015.  We will be permanently moving to our URI location at 99 Fortin Rd, Unit # 135, Kingston, RI 02881.  Our URI location will reopen Monday January 19, 2015!!! We are very excited to see what the future brings..and spring weather!

New Store! September 30 2014, 0 Comments

Tomorrow is the big day...we launch our second store on the campus of University of Rhode Island!  We are located in the Emporium next to Cumberland Farms for those of you who know the campus.  Thankfully we have been logging long hours so I should sleep well tonight before the big day.  Our URI location will feature fun, girly, edgy and unique clothing still all under $100!  We have brought in the best dresses, crop tops & handbags for our college girls.  Need something comfy to wear to class-you got it.  Need something to wear to the bar-no problem :) And of course we have the chunky necklaces to finish your look.  Need a gift for your boyfriend?  How about unisex bamboo sunglasses that float!  The customers are going crazy for this product so we guarantee them to be a hit! We can't wait to have fun with these girls!  See you tomorrow :) :)

Spring! April 07 2014, 0 Comments

FINALLY!!! Winter is over and spring is here!!! We have seen some really nice sunny days reminding us there is hope of warmer weather!  The change of seasons clothing!! It's time to switch from darks to lights.  I only wear black in the winter but in the summer...its all white! White is ultra sexy in the summer.  It shows off your tan and goes with everything.  And yes you can wear white all year round.  No rules anymore :)